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PH1a:  Stop – Violating Your Body (Myra Wallace)

PH1b:  Know Your Perfect Size (Dee Jones)
Society teaches that size 5 is the perfect size for everyone! Experts say that beauty is the in the eye of the beholder! Learn what the Word has to say about eating, health and beauty. Know YOUR perfect size!

PH2a:  Look - At Your Body (Myra Wallace)

PH2b:  The “M” Principle (Dee Jones)
Are you overworked, overstressed, overextended? The “M” principle will balance your mind, life and your check book. Find out how the “M” principle applies to every area of your existence. Learn to apply the “M” principle and find peace beyond your understanding.

PH3a:  Listen - To Your Body (Myra Wallace)

PH3b:  Write 2 Your Health (Dee Jones)
This technique has been proven to lower your blood pressure, increase your immune system and decrease pain. The benefits carry on for generations to come. God commanded special people to do this and your life will be forever changed once you begin! Learn this powerful technique and never be the same again.

PH4:  Small Group Discussion (facilitated by Dee and Myra)