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EM1a:  Overcoming Destructive Emotions (Karen Davis)

EM1b:  Single, But Not Alone (Sharon Jenkins)
One is not a lonely number when you have a relationship with Jesus Christ. By today’s standards, the Apostle Paul’s statements about walking victoriously as a single seem controversial; however, they lay a solid foundation for why singleness is more a state of the heart than a state of mind. Sharon will discuss how following these tenants of faith dispel the myth that singleness is a curse and open the door for continuous healthy communion with the Heavenly Trio.

EM2b:  There is Life After Divorce (Ivy Bennett)
You can rapidly rise above the negative impacts of divorce by receiving God’s love and using key biblical principles. Learn how to overcome loneliness, unforgiveness, financial problems, rejection, and low self-esteem. Yes, there is life after divorce and we’ll show you how to experience God’s total restoration!

EM3a:  Move Beyond the Closet Door (Sharon C. Jenkins)
All victims of abuse deal with emotional issues in the aftermath of their oppression, whether it was physical, sexual, verbal, or mental. This workshop celebrates the demonstrated power of Christ to heal adult child abuse victims. Begin the process that furnishes the breath of life for the hope found within the resurrected soul touched by Calvary’s cost. Leave empowered to find God’s divine purpose for your life.

EM3b:  Power to be Emotionally Free (Karen Davis)

EM4:  Small Group Discussions
(facilitated by Karen Davis and Sharon Norris Elliott)

Sexual/Marriage Issues/Personal Issues