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SP1: Ten Essentials for Being a Godly Mother in an Ungodly Culture (Sharon Norris Elliott)
Doesn’t each generation think, “Today’s kids are out of control”? Every generation of children and teenagers has its share of fads and querks, but for some reason, our current crop of young people has been dubbed ‘the lost generation.’ An honest look at any school campus may convince you that this is true. Exactly how should we as Christian moms approach parenting children who are a part of the hip-hop generation? Attend this workshop and discover some timeless truths and techniques that transcend the times and will help you guide your child to God.

SP2:  Bible Study for Busy Women (Sharon Norris Elliott)
Our very busy lives often push Bible study to the bottom of the to-do list. Yet, if we are going to remain spiritually vital, we must be as determined about need for Bible study as we are about the need for food, water, and work. Attend this workshop learn how to fit Bible study into your busy schedule. You will leave with pointers about how to study the Bible effectively and efficiently.

SP3:  Women, Wealth, and God (Ivy Bennett)
Wealth is about more than money and finances. It’s about relationship with God and understanding His priorities, His heart, and His purpose for your financial success. Learn how to walk in greater abundance and prosperity using biblical principles. You can experience victory over financial challenges regardless of your education, salary, or marital status.

SP4a:  Prayer Session (Ivy Bennett)
Rather than talking about prayer, in this session, you will actually pray. Join Ivy and participate in the most powerful activity in which a Christian woman can be involved, prayer.